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 * @category   Ayasoftware 
 * @package    Ayasoftware_SizeChart 
 * @copyright  2014 Ayasoftware ( 
 * @author     EL Hassan Matar <> 

- Introduction

This extension allows Magento store owners to show which size chart they want to assign to which product (V. 8.1.2)

- Plugin installation

  1. Backup your database (Optional)
  2. Unzip the archive
  3. Upload app and skin folders to Magento root directory
  4. Refresh your cache
  5. Logout and Login

- Plugin configuration

Go to System > Configuration > AYASOFTWARE MODULES > Size Chart and make the configuration you wish.

- Create CMS Block for size chart

Go to CMS > Static Blocks and create a new static block in the identifier field, enter a name in this format: sizechart_xxxx eg: sizechart_shoes, sizechart_women, ….

by hitting the save block button, the identifier value will be added automatically as option label for the attribute size_chart_template to check it go to Catalog > Manage attributes, Enter size_chart_template in attribute code column and hit enter, then click on size_chart_template, and go to Manage Label/Options tab.

- Assign Size Chart (single product)

Now Go to Catalog > Manage Products, open any product with Shoes Size Chart, then click on the product Size Chart tab.

Choose sizechart_shoes from the dropdown, and save the product. Now you will be able to see the size chart link on the product page (for this product).

- Assign Size Chart (Category)

Go to Catalog > Manage Categories, select a category and go to Size Chart tab.

Choose Shoes Size Chart from the dropdown, and save category. if you choose Yes for Size Chart for Categories ? in the extension configuration area, products from this category will share the same Size Chart.

FIXME Refresh indexes (very important).

- Plugin License

NB: This is a Single Installation License, Please consider buying a new extension for each new Magento installation.

  1. Magento Connect Extension: (please help us with your feedback - not happy with the extension? please contact us first before leaving any negative feedback)

- Contact support

<table> <tr> <td style="vertical-align:middle"> Your satisfaction is so important to us. Please contact us by email at or use our live chat help if you have any problem with the installation.   Please always include your order ID when you are requesting support. </td> <td width="30%" align="center"> <!--Begin Comm100 Live Chat Code--> <div id="comm100-button-468"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> var Comm100API = Comm100API || new Object; Comm100API.chat_buttons = Comm100API.chat_buttons || []; var comm100_chatButton = new Object; comm100_chatButton.code_plan = 468; comm100_chatButton.div_id = 'comm100-button-468'; Comm100API.chat_buttons.push(comm100_chatButton); Comm100API.site_id = 45413; Comm100API.main_code_plan = 468; var comm100_lc = document.createElement('script'); comm100_lc.type = 'text/javascript'; comm100_lc.async = true; comm100_lc.src = '' + Comm100API.site_id; var comm100_s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; comm100_s.parentNode.insertBefore(comm100_lc, comm100_s); </script> <!--End Comm100 Live Chat Code--> </td> </tr> </table>

– Sincerely, EL Hassan Matar

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