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Import Affiliate Product Feed Into Magento

Import Affiliate Product Feed Into Magento

Magento Affiliate product Feed Pack is a tool that helps affiliates easily import their product feeds into the Magento system (v. 3.1.1).
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Module works with version 1.3.X.Y , 1.4.X.Y , 1.5.X.Y, 1.6.X.Y, 1.7.X.Y, 1.8.X.Y,1.9.0.X, 1.9.1 and 1.9.2.X
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Magento Affiliate product Feed Pack is a tool that helps affiliates easily import their product feeds into the Magento system.

Extension features:

  • Import Commission Junction Feeds
  • Import Ebay Enterprise Feeds
  • Import Feeds (added 23 February 2011)
  • Import Affiliate Window Feeds
  • Import affiliate Network Feeds (added 5 October 2010)
  • Import LinkShare Feeds (added 13 September 2011)
  • Import Feeds (added 11 December 2011)
  • Import any feed from any affiliate networks (added 22 February 2012)
  • Import Feeds (added 08 October 2012)
  • Sell your own products using Magento standard checkout. (added 30 September 2010)
  • Display Amazon products matching the main product name . ( Added 19 April 2011)
  • Update Prices daily
  • Update Product Catalog Daily (add new products and delete unavailable products)
  • Run imports through Cron jobs
  • Load large feeds (eg: Zappos, Overstock, ...) using LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE Syntax. (added 19 August 2011)
  • changed the feed location therefore I have added curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION, 1); to follow redirection. (added 15 December 2011)
  • The PHP function copy() replaced by Curl. The PHP function copy() works only if safe_mode is off (added 16 January 2012)
  • Compatible with 1.6.X.X and Enterprise Edition 1.9 (added 16 January 2012)
  • Supports languages with special characters (Japanese, Chinese, German, ....) (added 12 April 2012)
  • Import products from selected categories . (added 27 April 2012)
  • Compatible with Magento . (added 10 May 2012)
  • Compatible with Magento . (added 13 September 2012)
  • 1-Click installer (added 21 September 2012)
  • Add brands on the fly. (added 20 February 2013)
  • Choose to Display remote or local images. (added 09 March 2013)
  • Filter by Advertiser name (in layered navigation) (added 18 April 2013)
  • Import categories if enabled in the configuration(added 06 February 2014)
  • Use with/or without LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE (on some servers LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE is not allowed)(added 06 February 2014)
  • Manage advertisers using Magento Grid(added 02 March 2014)
  • Multiple fields mapping (added 12 March 2014)
  • Edit existing mapping (added 21 August 2014)
  • Allow/Disallow duplicate product names import(added 21 August 2014)
To use the Cron feature, please setup a cron ( for the file {{base_dir}}/cron.php) that runs every 5 (for example) minutes to check whether any cron is pending.
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How it works:


Once installed, the module adds a new menu to Magento admin (affiliates) and 5 sub-menus. Here is a list of what you will find under affiliates:
  • Manage Advertisers: Add new / edit existing advertiser, such as (GAN), (GAN), ... (CJ), this will populate the table affiliate_advertisers (advertiser_id, advertiser_name, advertiser_filename, affiliatenetwork_id, ....) with the new advertiser's information.
  • Create Mapping: in this step you will be asked to create a relationship between column names (from the CSV ) and Magento attributes.
    SKU sku
    BUYURL advertiser_buy_link
    The version we have released on March 12, 2014 allows you to map multiple columns.
    For example:
    If you associate:
    ADVERTISERCATEGORY with main_category
    THIRDPARTYID with main_category
    THIRDPARTYCATEGORY with main_category
    the plugin will combine ADVERTISERCATEGORY , THIRDPARTYID and THIRDPARTYCATEGORY and use it as product category (very handy if you wish to assign products to the right categories).
    This feature also allows you to create SEO product names, descriptions, because it allows you to combine multiple columns.
    For example:
    if you map NAME, DESCRIPTION and SKU to name, the product name in Magento will be created using NAME, DESCRIPTION and SKU.
  • Download Feed: On this page, you will be asked to choose your affiliate network (such as Commission Junction, Affiliate Window, PerpperJam Network, or networks, Custom Affiliate Network). Once selected, a new dropdown list will be filled with advertisers for the selected affiliate network. So, if you are affiliated with through commission junction, and you added this advertiser in the first step, selecting the Commission Junction will cause to appear in the list. Once selected, you will need to click the button “download feed,” which downloads these feeds to the folder feeds which is located on your magento root directory and saves it to the database.
  • Create Importable Feed: You will be asked to select your affiliate network. Once you have selected your affiliate network and pressed the "create an importable feed” button, the script will create a new CSV feed called productsFeed.csv and located in the folder var/import. Magento dataflow knows how to use it to import products.
  • Import Feed into Magento:You will be asked to pick a date for your imports. If the button "Schedule Affiliate Product Imports" is pressed, the imports will be scheduled to automatically run at the selected time through the cron job. You will be notified when the import is complete. . 
  • Catalog update. This will use Magento cron feature (No additional cron setup is needed). For all  items (in magento store) the module checks the magento price , compare it to the price  saved in the database. If the product in no more available, it will be deleted. If the Magento price is greater than the database price, the magento price will be replaced by the database price. 
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