Print orders with full credit card info.

Print orders with full credit card info.

Print orders with full credit card number in Magento.
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Module works with Community Edition ( versions: 1.3.X.Y , 1.4.X.Y , 1.5.X.Y, 1.6.X.Y , 1.7.X.Y,,, 1.9.0.X, 1.9.1 and 1.9.2.X )

If you process orders manually, you will probably need to print your order prior deleting all the information stored in the database. By default, Magento does not allow you to print the full credit card number. When printing payment info, Magento automatically hides the first digits of the credit card number (xxxx-1234).

This extension works with orders placed through Saved Credit Card Payment (CSaved).
You can't print full credit card numbers for orders from, PayPal Pro, or from any merchant account provider.

This module allows you to print the full credit card number and credit card expiration date.

How this module works?

Once installed. the module adds a new button called "Print" (see picture below) to the order page view. By clicking this button, a printer-friendly pdf file will be generated. This PDF file does not include images, css, navigation or colors. It only shows you the information you need in well designed format (see screen blow).
  • 1: Complete store address.
  • 2: Customer's billing information.
  • 3: Customer's shipping information.
  • 4: Customer's Shipping Method.
print orders with full credit card information

printer-friendly pdf