Colorguide for Magento configurable products

Colorguide for Magento configurable products

A must have extension for Magento shops selling products with thousands of options.
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Module works with Community Edition ( versions: 1.7.X.Y,,, 1.9.X ) and Enterprise Edition (until version 1.14.X). demo

Let's say you want to build a Magento paint shop to sell paints available in 15000 different colors/brands, 5 different sizes and you want to set different prices for each combination size and color type (dark or light). What would be the best catalogue configuration to achieve this without creating thousands of products?

Here are some examples of configurations:

1-   Create a configurable product with 3 configurable options: color, size and color type. In this case you have to create 15000 * 5 * 2 = 150000 simple product linked to a configurable product. This is simply impossible if you take into consideration the page load and the catalogue management.

2-   No configurable product, only simple products: in this case, since you want to collect the colour name, brand name and the size, you have to create 15000 * 5 = 75000 simple product, and each simple product with 1 custom option. Very bad for SEO due to content duplication issue.

Fortunately, our hassle free extension will allow you to achieve the aforementioned functionality using only 5 simple products associated with 1 configurable product.


Very Quick pages load
Easy Catalogue Management
Quick data import - 1 single table
Suggested colors while searching by color name or number
Easy customizable to work with other similar catalogue configurations.